NASA Ames 75th Anniversary Open House

Finally got to see what NASA Ames was all about! This was the first open house since 1997. There was an expected 150,000 attendees and traffic getting in and out was a clusterfuck, but worth the wait. There was lots to see, tons of booths to learn and interact with NASA scientists. Hopefully there will be another one in a few years when Jude will be old enough to understand some of this stuff.


iPhone 6 Photos:













My iPhone 6 has a bump


Found a bump by the FCC info and had to get it replaced 🙁

It’s really small and hard to see in the video but I was worried that bump was result of something not assembled properly inside.

[ut_video_youtube id=”qlX919XhhaU”]

Out with the Old, In with the New

Finally got a pair of new iPhones! It was worth the wait. No lines! I don’t know how these people do it. Going to list the iPhone 5 and 5s on eBay tomorrow. My thoughts, better photos and links to eBay listings to come.


Patched another hole on the 2002

As soon as the body filler is dry, I’ll sand and maybe do another layer. More pictures to come.

(iPhone Pics)






Edit: Sanded a little. Gotta do another layer of body filler.




Red Bull Gives You Wings

In case you didn’t know, it doesn’t give you wings and Red Bull just lost two class action lawsuits, having to pay $13 million to US customers for false advertising and misleading consumers that they would grow wings. That’s ridiculous. If you purchased a Red Bull drink between 2002 and October 3, 2014 you are owed $10 or $15 in Red Bull products. I wonder what’s next… Class action lawsuit against Monster for their slogan “Unleash the Beast”? I’m going to let Red Bull keep my $10. Instead, I’m going to go buy a case of 24 at Costco after work. Who really thought Red Bull would give them wings?


Lost my Fitbit and Fitbit Replaced it!

Yep, that’s right! I lost my Fitbit at the Redwood Regional Park during a hike with my family and Fitbit sent me a new one… for free!

I’ve lost my Fitbit once before but found it using one of the many bluetooth locator apps in the App Store. The bluetooth locator (LightBlue) was showing a strong signal in my son’s room but near the ceiling. I ended up finding it in the attic where I was storing some stuff.
I originally thought it fell off in the car or maybe took it off when we got home, but no signal anywhere at home. After a little investigating, we noticed in a few pictures that I was wearing it at the start of the trail and not wearing it at the end. We came back the next day and walked the trail, but this time with my iPhone in my hand looking like some lost idiot on a trail using his iPhone GPS or a crazy man scanning the trail for treasure. I swear people gave me the dirtiest looks. Anyway, I walked the entire trail but came up empty. The bluetooth on the phone has a pretty wide range. When Nicole and Jude finally caught up with me, it picked up Nicole’s Fitbit from about 40 feet away.

I’m pretty impressed with Fitbit’s customer service! I contacted them via the app, asked if there was special pricing for existing users that have lost their devices. They requested for me to provide some information via email. Within a couple of days, I was informed that a free replacement was being sent! I’d like to thank Erik V. at Fitbit for excellent customer service and replacing my lost Fitbit!